Pantheon of the Dying Earth

Goza (The Sleeping God)

Goza is the god of sleep, dreams, and beauty. He retains a small, but very devoted, cult – despite his thousand-year sleep. Goza’s symbol is a closed eye.

Pelor (The Sun)

Pelor is the Sun God. God of light, justice, and the harvest. Pelor has few followers these days – as the sun flickers and fades, most people have lost faith in him. His symbol is a sun disk on a six-pointed star.

Vecna (The Hidden God)

Vecna is the god of secrets. He rules over that which is not meant to be known, and that which people wish to keep secret. He also encourages his followers to kill, thus ensuring that secrets are taken to the grave. Favored by the assassins and spies of Winter’s Will. Vecna’s symbol is an open, upward-facing hand, holding an eyeball.

Rylel (Lady Luck)

Rylel is the goddess of luck, weather, and mischief. She is capricious, mischievous, and loves playing pranks. People across the Seven Kingdoms casually curse Rylel’s name when any minor mishap befalls them, but they also whisper to her when rolling dice at The Red Temple. Rylel’s symbol is an open hand, facing down, a common gesture for luck.

Azel (Allfather Earth)

Azel is father of all, the center of the universe and the Earth. He is the god of virtue, pacts, and just war. Legend has it that he created Pelor to nourish the growing things on the earth, that the children created in his image (humans) might live comfortable lives. Some peoples, like those of Ferrada, worship Azel as the One True God, and don’t acknowledge the other gods. Azel’s symbol is a disk with four straight lines drawn horizontally through it, representing the earth.

Enais (The Mother of Magic)

Enais is the goddess of magic, scholarly knowledge, skill, art, and inspiration.
She is known as Minerva in Circius. Her followers sometimes come in conflict with Vecna, who would keep knowledge secret. Enais teaches that knowledge should be freely shared, and her followers run schools of philosophy and magic throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Enais’ symbol is an owl.

The Old Gods

There are other, older gods, the whispers of which barely reach civilization. Every once and a while, a snake cult hiding in an abandoned basement will be exterminated, or a coven of necromancers will be purged. There are hints of ancient power in old ruins, but very little is known of it.

Pantheon of the Dying Earth

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