Leppo is a small town in the Kindom of Kade. It consists of a few dozen adobe dwellings, the largest of which is the Warrior’s Rest Inn, surrounded by a rusting iron palisade. Magistrate Baru has been sent to administrate the town from the Kadian capital, Calak. He has offered a bounty on goblins, as well as a reward for removing the ghost at the manse on the hill.

The Warrior’s Rest Inn

The Warrior, as it is known locally, is the largest building in Leppo. It is maintained by a legless Circian named Amos and his wife, Myla. Amos’ father was a Circian Legionnaire and an adventurer, and left Amos with a curious sword, which now is mounted on the wall behind the bar.

Amos lost his legs in a horse cart accident when he was a child, preventing him from taking up his father’s sword and becoming an adventurer himself.

Zacalo, a Ferradan, was staying at the Warrior when the party passed through. He challenged Karankawa to arm wrestling, won, and proceeded to pass out drunk on the winnings.


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