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  • Kade

    table{border:1px solid black}. |Name|Kade| |Language|Kadian| |Capital|Calak| |Government|Monarchy (Kingdom)| Kade is the easternmost of the Seven Kingdoms, and perhaps has the longest history. The Kadian people claim that humans first walked the …

  • Leppo

    Leppo is a small town in the Kindom of [[Kade | Kade]]. It consists of a few dozen adobe dwellings, the largest of which is the Warrior's Rest Inn, surrounded by a rusting iron palisade. Magistrate Baru has been sent to administrate the town from the …

  • Cuth

    Cuth is a small fishing and trading town to the southwest of [[Leppo]], past the iron forest. It was recently depopulated by [[Saqqar|Saqqari]] slavers working with goblins.