Swift is the nickname Linda Pfenedorf gave to her brother, Openheimer. Openheimer and Linda are the only children of the Pfendorf Shipping mogul, Erich and his deceased wife, Mauruda. When Mauruda Openheimer died in childbirth, Erich retreated into his work, leaving his children to their own devices as he built his shipping empire in Wurzenruch. Openheimer and Linda became very close, and Openehimer, four years Linda’s senior, spent many afternoons playing with and caring for his young sister. As Linda aged, she looked more like her mother with each passing day. Erich couldn’t stand the sight of her, and with his shipping fortune, staged the kidnapping of his daughter into slavery. To keep Openheimer from finding out the truth, Erich used his clout to enroll his son in “knight school,” separating him from the only people who could reveal this secret— the privy house servants who cared for Linda and Openheimer.

When Openheimer (Opie to his dad) was in Kade training with Kadian units, he was turned away in political unrest, and decided stay in Kade to begin his real mission— finding Linda and bringing her kidnappers to justice.


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