Ali's Fighter


Karankawa is intimidating in size and stature with his large frame and stands over seven feet tall. He carries a handcrafted cedar long bow made from wood and the sinew from a bear that he uses for hunting. When forced into a close quarters fight, he prefers punishing hand-to-hand combat to fighting with weapons.

Karankawa is heavily tattoeed, pierced, and painted which frightens small children and women. At night, to ward off mosquitos, he slathers his body with mud and shark grease. After killing a formidable foe, he has been known to cannibalize to incorporate the magic power and strength of the dead fighter.


Karankawa is missing large chunks of his memory. He can’t remember his own name or what happened to his tribe. In fact, he is not even sure he is from this land. For now, he uses the name ‘Karankawa’ because it is the last name he remembers. He distrusts most people and is quick to anger and has a penchant for violence. He is on a journey of discovery and hopes by adventuring with others, he will discover what happened to him and how to get home. Also, being in battle is the only thing that makes him smile.


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