Human Cleric of the Sun God


There is a mural depicting the sun god in the White Temple


Jasha Abi-Simti is a Kadian priestess from the capital city of Calak. Like her mother and grandmother before her, Jasha has dedicated her life to the White Temple and the Sun God Pelor. A skilled mender and herbologist, she quickly became one of the resident healers of Calak.

While working for the White Temple, Jasha studied alongside the Sons of Azel, Ferradan priests who acknowledge only one true god. Despite their differences, Jasha became close with one of the priests, Allec, and the two developed a strong friendship. As religious civil war raged throughout Ferrada, Allec and the other Sons took arms to crusade for Azel. Allec tried to persuade Jasha to not only join them in battle but to acknowledge Azel as a god truer than Pelor. Unable to sleep that night, Jasha knelt before the mural of Pelor to pray for guidance. It was here where the Voice of Pelor spoke to her and informed her of her purpose.

The Voice of Pelor set Jasha on the path of sainthood. Should Jasha prove herself worthy of becoming a saint then Pelor, in her gracious Light, will see Jasha rise to the order of Annointed Angel of the Sun. Humbled, Jasha accepted this path. She denied Allec the next day, losing a friend and gaining an enemy. As her first step on the path towards sainthood, Jasha has embarked on a journey to stop Allec upon hearing about his ruthless and violent missions in Ferrada.

Jasha thinks it is totally practical to change outfits when out of combat.


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