Disgraced Former Imperial Assassin


Silent but deadly. Arcturus is a highly trained rogue who specializes in catching his enemy by surprise and ending their life quickly. That is, IF he chooses to draw his blade at all. Arcturus is no stranger to poisoning, convenient “accidents”, and various other ways of disposing an enemy without leaving a trace.


This rogue was once a member of the formidable, official Imperial assassin’s guild, Winter’s Will. He was cast out and nearly killed from the Guild under suspicious circumstances, and now seeks revenge. The entire guild has turned against him, and are known to have placed bets on who will get to him first.

He plans to kill anyone in the Guild who stands in his way, and take it over himself. Though the details of his exile are known only to Arcturus and those in the higher echelons of the Guild, one can be certain that a woman is at the heart of his troubles.

Arcturus’ designation within the Guild was the “Starlight Assassin”, which he gained for his preferred method of carrying out his assassinations in the dead hours of the night with his twin daggers made of pure silver. When the sky is clear and the moon is out, the polished dagger blades give the illusion of stars shining in the dark sea of night.


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