Dying Earth

Saving Karankawa from The Great and Powerful Douchebag, Alec.

When we last checked in on our heroes, The Four Lokos—that delectable foursome of seemingly disparate adventurers who found themselves parading across the land looking for life, love, loot, and a bottle of Captain Morgan—Karankawa was manacled for coming down with a touch of Lycanthropy in the middle of gladiatorial combat in the arena of Akhen.

Jasha’s past made a surprise appearance: Alec, taking a break from waging a religious war in Ferradden, strode in unawares to the Four Lokos and was ready to take Karankawa with him and administer the “cure.” Unsurprisingly, the group refused to let Alec take their brutish but loveable friend away from them—the shark grease had begun to grow on everybody—and they stood their ground and drew their swords (and daggers and crossbows). They weren’t prepared for the ass beating Alec was about to hand out.

Mazirian—typical Mazirian—was the first to go down. His weak frame sustained major damage from Alec’s magic casting and he lay limp for most of the battle. Occasionally an odd whimper could be heard wheezing from his lips. Nobody had time to heal him. They had their hands full. The only consistent attacks from our band of heroes came from Swift, switching between his crossbow and longsword and dealing considerable damage. However, Alec remained unassailable, healing when he was critically hurt and dishing out pain and suffering to everybody around him. Blood flew everywhere. Light feebly emanated from Jasha’s morningstar, symbolic of our heroes’ fragility in the face of Alec.

When all seemed lost, Jasha remembered a box they had picked up many weeks ago. A box that contained an evil force. The box cast a wide-reaching feeling of doom, gloom, and was said to cause much disturbance in the bowels. Jasha noted upon receiving the box that it made her fingers tingle. Or “burn,” if she’s allowed to continue and be hyperbolic, as is her wont. Upon taking out the “demon box,” as the group had begun to fondly call it, Alec protested with Jasha to put it away. He chastised her and expressed his disapproval at Jasha resorting to such methods. Before leaving, he asked to be given the box so as to dispose of it properly “by Orders of the Emperor!” but the group exchanged glances and agreed Alec was a tool and shouldn’t be given anything so destructive and powerful. Unlocking Karankawa, he fled on horseback but not before glaring at Jasha.

By now, Karankawa had turned back into his human form and slowly lifted his head, dazed and not entirely sure what had happened during the last twelve or so hours.

Stay tuned next week when the group courageously goes after Swift’s sister, knocking heads in the process and (hopefully!) murdering more Hamliks!



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