Dying Earth

Mummy's Day Adventure

When we last left our heroes, they were rubbing ointment on their skinned knees and bruised egos at the Manta Ray Inn. Karankawa, embarrassed and only desiring a warm bed and a fresh pot of shark grease, was notably off his game. Deciding to leave the Manta Ray Inn well behind them, the Four Lokos headed west in search of Swift’s sister.

After a few miles, they passed through a camp site which was oddly grassy despite its presence in the middle of a vast desert. Apart from an offhand remark by Jasha, the adventurers paid no mind to this oddity and ventured towards the camp fire where they saw Blind Bill from the Manta Ray Inn. Blind Bill gave them directions to the Gates that opened to the Blacklands but warned them of the danger present there. Instead, he suggested the Four Lokos accompany him for some good ol’ fashioned treasure huntin and who knows, maybe they’ll find an alternate route past the gate.

Arcturus and Karankawa laughed at this, exchanging glances and murmuring to each other, “Oh, Blind Bill” before marching westward, leading their loco caravan to the Blacklands. At last, they found the gates, but engulfed they were in an ominous cloud that burned anything passing through it. After sacrificing local flora to the gaseous hindrance, they each turned one by one, tail between their legs, and returned to Blind Bill’s campsite.

Blind Bill led them to a cave which was blocked by a boulder, too heavy for anybody to move. Karankawa, shy at first about suggesting any sort of plans after his last one going so awry, stepped up and asked the group if they thought it a good idea to tie up the boulder with some rope and hitch it to one of their camels and see if they could lug it out that way. To his surprise, it worked, restoring a sliver of his confidence. Karankawa looked at the ground sheepishly, kicking up little clouds of dust as if to say, “No biggie, you guys. Anybody could have figured it out.”

With the rock out of the way and an entrance cleared, the Four Lokos followed by Blind Bill and—oh yes—Mazirian (up till now Mazirian had just been lollygagging around) lit their torches and cautiously entered the cave. It was dark, but they forged ahead often knocking or bumping into each other, their torches clattering to the ground and mumbling apologies to each other. To their left, they found themselves in a tomb. Three coffins were lined up in a row. After inspecting the coffins for traps and such things, Karankawa and Arcturus cautiously slid the lids off of each coffin and found nothing but long-since dead mummies. Jasha, a religious cleric, made known her objections to her party’s disturbance of a burial ground. She found her only support in Mazirian which most likely hurt her chances at convincing the rest of her crew.

They continued on, wandering through the cave and found themselves in another tomb, facing four coffins this time. They found bones and rusted swords, but before opening the last coffin, Karankawa asked Blind Bill to step forward and open the last one. Karankawa eyed the blind man suspiciously and stepped back. Upon opening the coffin, a mummy lurched out groaning and swiping his dead arms at those who disturbed his peace. Scared witless, Blind Bill nearly fell over himself in trying to retreat from the mummy. It is said that a faint odor of urine was smelled coming from his pants, but nobody could be quite sure. The Four Lokos readied themselves in their battle stance. Swift, heading up the rear, hurried to join the rest of his adventurers.

Although, things got off to a bad start with Karankawa being overcome with fright at the sight of a mummy, the battle was entirely one-sided: the mummy, stiff and slow from centuries of lying in a cramped coffin, was hardly prepared for the onslaught of attacks coming at him from all directions. The mummy reached and swiped but came up with handfuls of air. It is possible that it was simply trying to get our heroes’ attentions or reaching for some human connection, but The Four Lokos only brought forth destruction. Arcturus set the mummy’s shoulder ablaze and stepped back, roaring with laughter as the mummy stopped, dropped, and rolled around to put out the fire. Jasha came forward and repeatedly sent magical attacks from her morning star soaring through the air to erupt in the mummy’s face. The mummy crumpled to the ground, and The Four Lokos cheered. Mazirian, skulking around the cave walls, crept forward when he was sure all the danger had vanished and joined in on the cheering. He was quickly reprimanded by the group. Jasha voiced concern at the Four Lokos harsh treatment of Mazirian, but she was shouted down. Mazirian agreed to do more from then on, but Swift, Arcturus, and Karankawa remained skeptical.

Jasha, despite her protests about disturbing ancient burial grounds, found it appropriate to loot one of the coffins and leave with an ornate burial mask.

Mazirian expressed concern over the validity of Blind Bill’s namesake disability. He explained how Blind Bill had expertly navigated away from the Mummy, holding out his hands to steady himself and keep from crashing into any walls. “Not typical blind behavior,” Mazirian said. The group agreed and then agreed to keep a close eye on Blind Bill.



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